About Me

A woman born in a city on the southwest coast of Finland, a cold country in Scandinavia. After 20 years of life I packed my bags and moved to Stockholm, Sweden, where I still live today. I am dreaming of one day graduating as a Bachelor of Business and pursuing a Master’s degree in communications. However, one rainy fall I decided to head to Indonesia, where I lived half a year in Bali. Many things are a passion of mine, one of them being travelling. It is one of the things I am truly passionate about. This is a love I have inherited from my parents, who have always encouraged me to explore life ever since I was a little girl. This has left me with a need to see more and not just hold on to what is safe. Maybe this is the reason why after high school I left my beloved home country behind and head out to new adventures. I’m aย student, traveller and lifelover, who considers one of the most important thing in life to be family and friends. Life is what you make of it and home to me is a matter of building. Just need to find that build worthy place first!

I am writing a blog about my life and travels to all those who want to know where I’ll end up.

“The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire.”

– Ferdinand Foch


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