The Last 72 Hours In Bali


It’s Sunday and I left Bali two days ago. However I still have some material I want to share in my blog, so it will be posted bit by bit during my return to real life. My exchange is done. I have finished school and hopefully passed all my courses, Christmas came and went and New Year is ahead. In a few weeks I’m back in cold Sweden starting my spring semester. At the moment I’m over in Australia having a real vacation, but you will hear about that later.

My last moments in Bali were spent  with my family who flew over for the holidays. Since this year I couldn’t make it home they decided Bali was worth visiting. So even if my Christmas wasn’t cold and snowy like usually, I got to spend it with familiar faces. If you want to know in detail how we spent our Christmas you can find more about that here. Otherwise you can just enjoy the collage of pictures from my last 72 hours in Bali. It really is a mixture of this and that since I tried to show my family as much as possible in such a short time. We also were unfortunate to have a lot of rain the last days, which did not suit my picture goals. However it was all about quality family time, which was achieved, so there’s nothing more I could ask for. I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and were able to spend it with those who matter!





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