Pink Pangea’s Writing Retreats: New York & Costa Rica

Hi all my female readers! (Or loving boyfriends in need of a last-minute Christmas present!)

Are you a woman who loves to travel and see the world? Do you also love sharing your experiences with other travellers in the form of writing?

What if I told you, you could do both while improving your writing skills and have a relaxing experience with some quality yoga. Pink Pangea, a travel company, is a community for women who love to travel. They host transformative workshops both online and around the world and publishes inspiring and informative travel stories from adventurous women. But not just that, Pink Pangea also arranges writing, yoga and hiking retreats for women to get together, to meet amazing new people who all share a passion for travelling as well as at the same time practise on their travel writing skills.

Now I’m offering all of my female readers a possibility to join one of Pink Pangea’s upcoming retreats for a discounted price!

Travel Writing Retreat in New York City

January 18-21, 2016
Manhattan, New York City

This Travel Writing Retreat is designed to give you the time, space, tools, and inspiration to unleash your authentic voice and improve your writing. You’ll expand your natural capacity to express what you really want to say, and learn how to leave your readers touched, moved and inspired.

Writing & Yoga Retreat in Costa Rica

January 30 – February 6, 2016
@ Pura Vida Retreat and Spa, Costa Rica

Tucked away on the edge of a mountainside coffee field, Pura Vida Spa is an exquisite, private 12-acre yoga and retreat center in Costa Rica. Here, we will spend seven days getting up close and personal with our writing,  practicing yoga, and exploring Costa Rica. We’ll enjoy the outdoors– rafting, touring the rainforest, and pushing ourselves to our limits, and ultimately leave feeling revitalized.

If you would like to get some more information concerning the retreats please don’t hesitate to contact me or co-founder Rachel Sales!
In order to receive your discount use the code PinkJanni in your sign-up application.

Spots to all retreats are limited so don’t hesitate to take on the opportunity of a lifetime, you will most definitely not regret it!



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