It’s really hard to know what I feel right now. There are precisely 2 weeks left of school here in Bali. On Friday 18th of December my exchange is officially over. A few days after that my family will fly halfway across the world to spend Christmas with me. In January I will pack my bags last time on this side of the globe in a while. The thought of it is so complex. I feel disappointment while at the same time I feel such relief. It has been a really great semester here in Indonesia and I have gained so many memories and experiences. What ever it has taught me I can’t even begin to describe. There is no way I would ever regret my decision. But it’s also nice to finally after all these months to get back to my normal life, believe me I miss my flat screen. To be able to live in my own apartment, to see my friends and to hopefully become closer of finishing my degree.

However, when I think about that return to the every day life in a far away land I realise what I will miss the most. Every night means an ending to a day, and I know those days are running buy. I know you’ve seen more than enough of sunset and sunrise photos in this blog but I just can’t finish yet. I know I might not see anything like it in a long time so I want to savour every piece of it. This on the other hand means picture, lots and lots of pictures. And there is no fun in taking them unless I can share them with people I love and I guess for the time being this is the easiest way. So skip this post if you are certainly, absolute, most definitely not into pictures of an amazing sunset during rain season. Or then just have a peek, might be worth it after all. It’s going be a really different kind of Christmas.


L1060990 L1070007 L1070016 L1070027L1070019 L1070031 L1070032 L1070035 L1070041 L1070046 L1070054 L1070055 L1070063 L1070064 L1070073L1070069 L1070076 L1070080L1070083 L1070085 L1070088 L1070115L1070110 L1070117



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