To those who have’t read my blog earlier: I am 99% city girl. I like the paradise island vibe, the white sand, magical sunsets and ocean, especially the ocean. The truth just is I cannot live without the feeling of city. High shiny buildings that reach for the sky and all the horn sounds of the busy trafic. I was raised in the center of city and to be honest nowadays if I hear a bird singing I’m too far away. Why does any of this matter?  Because I strongly feel this need and desire is reflected on my travel destination choises. Within a country I always go for the crowded city over the quiet and calming one. Which is exactly what I did with Vietnam.

Like in my previous post about Cambodia I explained, some days ago me and my friends returned from a 7-day-trip to Cambodia and Vietnam. During our vacation we spent four nights in Ho Chi Minh City, formerly known as Saigon. We took a six hour bus drive from Phonm Penh, which only cost a ridicilous 13 US dollars. I have to say; value for my money. The first sight I laid my eyes on when stepping out of the bus was glass windowed buildings shining like diamonds. Least to say my heart was at ease. Ho Chi Minh proved to be the perfect pick.

For once my camera wasn’t on overload. We spent so many hours walking around the city exploring different markets and food stalls, I forgot its existance. I shopped until I dropped and enjoyed the delicious local food till I had to unbutton my pants. With every thing there was such variety. Every market sold all kinds of goods, from food items to clothing and fabric. Most important of all good quality products. Bargaining wasn’t too exhausting and prices were more than decent. Thanks to Vietnam I will have real trouble packing when I leave to Sweden. The Vietnamese people were lovely and from the beginning we felt welcome. In Ho Chi Minh City there were more tourists than in Phonm Penh, obviously. On Friday night the streets were crowded with locals and tourists heading out to enjoy life. So in all honesty it might not be the best destination for a claustrophobic person. For a city lover I think it was a perfect few day pitstop, where you can get the most out of the city while eating amazing food and buying those missing Christmas presents. And of course one should visit one of the many sky bars in town. I can quarantee the views are worth it!





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