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L1070240This post was written together with Asia Exchange.


Where did you spend your exchange?

I did my exchange during fall semester 2015 on the island of Bali in Indonesia.

What made you to decide to study in Asia?

My bachelor’s program includes a mandatory study period abroad and when the time came to decide I had a few options. In the end I decided to head to Indonesia because I felt it would benefit me in the most way. I’ve grown up in Scandinavia and felt that the only way to grow as a person would be to go outside my comfort zone. Instead of heading to somewhere close by I decided to go all the way and chose a destination that would be a once in a lifetime experience. In a nutshell I ended up in Indonesia.

How did you get the study place? How was the application procedure?

After I found out about Asia Exchange and I had decided upon my chosen destination it was all pretty easy. I acquired all the necessary documents for the application and within 3 days I was ready to submit. In five days I got an email from Asia Exchange securing my exchange position in Bali. Doing the application process through Asia Exchange was simpler than exchange procedures at my home university! The plus side is that you can apply in the last minute, you don’t need to plan your exchange semester months in advance.


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I had this lovely gem hidden in my drafts from a while back. Last summer before my adventure in Indonesia begun I spent a long weekend in Canada, as a birthday gift. The city at hand was Toronto and as you can see from the pictures it was sunny and fabulous and I would most definitely go back! This short trip was my first time in Canada, so I lost another travel virginity, which is always fun. Also since I was in Canada I had to see the Niagara Falls just so I could say “been there, done that”. Overall I spent 3 nights in Toronto and even though it was plenty of time I could’ve absolutely spent more of it. There is a lot to see and as a city Toronto was lovely. This specific trip was more of a pack-your-bags-and-let’s-go kind of holiday so I hadn’t really looked into all the touristy stuff before I left. Some of the most well known ones I was already aware of, such as the CN Tower and the Hockey Hall of Fame. I am not the biggest ice hockey lunatic but since I am from Finland and it is considered as the national sport I felt not visiting the mecca could be considered as treason, so I had no choice. Plus it is kinda cool to see the Stanley Cup in real life…

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My Capsule Hotel Experience in Japan

It’s been silent in here for a while. Lets just say I’ve had a sort of holiday from writing and focused on other stuff like getting my life back to its normal track. However while I start cathing up on my blogging here is the latest travel article of mine! It was published a while back nevertheless I hope you enjoy reading about my experience in Japan. You can find the article on Pink Pangea’s website or by just clicking the link in this post. Below you can check out some of the upcoming Pink Pangea writing retreats!


A capsule hotel is a great alternative to sleeping on the floor of the airport or an expensive airport hotel during a long layover…

Source: My Capsule Hotel Experience in Japan

The Last 72 Hours In Bali


It’s Sunday and I left Bali two days ago. However I still have some material I want to share in my blog, so it will be posted bit by bit during my return to real life. My exchange is done. I have finished school and hopefully passed all my courses, Christmas came and went and New Year is ahead. In a few weeks I’m back in cold Sweden starting my spring semester. At the moment I’m over in Australia having a real vacation, but you will hear about that later.

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I just plain wanted to wish all my friends, family and followers a very merry Christmas! I hope you spend the holidays with lovely people no matter where you might be and of course eat too much. I guess it’s all about what you make of it, atleast when your regular snowy Christmas changes into a tropical one. A present or two might be nice too…

Season’s greetings from Bali